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  • Managing Information System Security

    Managing Information System Security

    In modern era like now, they are many criminal around the cyberspaces. For example computer crime, cyberwar and cyberterrorism, etc. Computer crime is an act to performed knowledgeable computer user. ...
  • What are intelligent systems?

    What are intelligent systems?

    Intelligent systems are technologically advanced machines that perceive and respond to the world around them. Intelligent systems can take many forms, from automated vacuums such as the Roomba to facial ...
  • Business Models in the Digital World

    Business Models in the Digital World

    Digitization, which is of course happening all around us, is opening up a whole new spectrum of opportunities to create value. But how do you navigate this new horizontal world? ...


    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a concept to plan and manage company's resources covering fund, human, machine, spare parts, time, material and capacities that have wide influence from top management ...
  • Securing Information Systems

    Securing Information Systems

    Everyday people are becoming more and more dependant on technology. Let it be smartphones, laptops, tablets, even organizations with their IT Systems. With this constant increase in technology dependencies, comes ...
  • Internet and Our Behaviour

    Internet and Our Behaviour

    Does internet can change our behaviour? Lets we discuss about it. In this day now, we can see many people like to use internet like social media or anything. Even ...
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    In this digital era where technology development keeps enhancing, managing information system infrastructure can be challenging for organizations as the evolution of hardware and software, the increasing demand for storage ...
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems

    Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems

    Gaining competitive advantage is critical for organizations. Competitive advantage as a product or service that an organization’s customers value more highly than similar offerings from its competitors that your competitors ...
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems

    Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems

    So I’m going to talk about gaining competitive advantage through information systems in this article I will explain about enabling organizational strategy through information systems, business in digital world, and ...


    This topic so interesting and easy to understand because from the logic we know that more difficult project that we have, there would be some mistake in that project. Here ...
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